The Step House, A Micro Home

step house perspective section
Section showing the lower kitchen, middle living area, and upper bedroom.

The Step house is a micro home with a split-level floor design to provide separate areas for living and sleeping, while ensuring maximum natural daylight during the winter, and sun shading during the summer. The house can also be categorized as a passive house, since it requires very little energy to run. Photo-voltaic panels produce electricity, rainwater is collected from the roof, and incoming air is preheated or cooled in the ground before entering the house.

The house uses a collection of efficient systems to minimize energy consumption while capturing rainwater and electricity via sunlight on the roof. The sections below illustrate the different systems and how their use varies during summer and winter.

Date: Spring, 2014

Studio: Sustainable Architecture – Andrea Parigi, Lorenzo de’ Medici

Objective: Design a micro home under 500 square meters.

Location: Florence, Italy

Diagrammatic section of the building systems during summer.
Diagrammatic section of the building systems during winter.

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