Chicken Condo

Date: Fall 2013

Class: Design 3 – Caryn Brause, UMass Amherst

Objective: Design a dwelling for chickens that’s both attractive and functional.

Download Board (PDF)

The Chicken Condo takes the traditional form of a separate area for the coop and run by creating a more seamless transition between the two areas. It also explores the concept of public vs. private by offering the chickens an open run for socializing while at the other end of the coop, private nesting boxes allow hens to lay their eggs in a more private setting. The openness of the coop allows the program elements to be easily identified in the structure. The construction of the coop is broken down into four basic types: structure, walls, floors, and roof, and uses a broken s-curve form to create a unifying geometry to tie the program together.

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